50 Stories for 50 Years

50 Stories for 50 Years celebrates the 50th anniversary of Special Collections by exploring some of the memorable stories from our shared history. Learn about the events and people that built this community. From the earliest indigenous people to the arrival of the transcontinental railroad; from 25th Street’s wild days to the civil and human rights activists fighting for change, these are the stories of how our community has evolved and reshaped itself.

Historical Exhibits at Ben Lomond

The University Archives displayed several small exhibits at the Ben Lomond Hotel from 2013-2015. Each theme is reproduced in this digital exhibit.

Mt. Ogden Hike 100 years

In 1922, the students of Weber College hiked to the top of Mt. Ogden a tradition that has continued today. This exhibit commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Mt. Ogden hike.

Northern Utah Women Making History

This exhibit is a compilation of some of the most influential women in northern Utah throughout this time period. Women breaking barriers by being a “first”, women contributing to education and healthcare, women committed to securing rights for all communities, women actively involved in clubs and organizations, women stepping up in military service, and women becoming business owners.

Stewart Bell Tower 50th Anniversary

For 50 years, the Stewart Bell Tower has been a monumental icon located at the heart of Weber State’s campus, and has served as a gathering place for the campus community since its establishment in 1971. This exhibit commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Stewart Bell Tower, providing a historic, photographic tour of the initial vision and concept around 1965 and moving forward to the present day.

Weber Celebrates a Century of Football 1919-2019

In 1919, under the name of Weber Normal College, then a high school and two year college, the institution established its first official football team. Take a stroll through the decades as the Weber State University football program celebrates 100 years.

Weber: Century College Celebration

In 1922, Weber stopped offering high school courses and officially became a junior college. This exhibit celebrates 100 years of Weber being a college, by showing a decade-by-decade history of Weber State from the student's perspective.

Women of Weber

The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution gave women the right to vote, which led to their having a greater voice in politics and a more influential role in the community. In celebration of the women who have had an influence on the development of Weber State, the University Archives will feature "Women of Weber". This exhibit will focus exclusively on women whose service, accomplishments, philanthropy and careers have impacted students and enhanced the Weber State educational experience.